Lyndsay Mann is currently based in Edinburgh where she is a practice-based PhD candidate within Edinburgh College of Art at the University of Edinburgh. Awarded the ECA Art Scholarship (2012-15), Lyndsay’s research explores ideas of ‘nativeness’. Working across sculpture, performance and moving image, she is interested in the experience of the individual and how this shapes their contribution to the social, considering the dynamics of power and exchange present both within the self and between the self and ‘Other’.

As a catalyst for production and discussion, Lyndsay is exploring aspects of Andy Clark and David Chalmers’ seminal work The Extended Mind (1998), that mind extends beyond skull and skin, and recent developments in these theories.  Andy Clark, based in Philosophy at the University, is directly involved with this project as a supervisor.

Lyndsay employs a cumulative approach within her practice where elements from previous projects are often adapted and re-contextualized for future works. She also undertakes long-term dialogues with specialists in other fields, such as psychotherapy and botany. By building a visual language in this way she aims to draw connections throughout her wide-ranging research, seeking points of entry and exit across disciplines. Utilising multiple materials, language, gesture and repetition, she investigates methods and systems in place to familiarize, de-Other or control.

Lyndsay graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art, London and exhibits in the UK and abroad. www.lyndsaymann.com

PhD Supervisors: Dr. Sophia Lycouris (School of Art), Stuart Bennett (Head of School of Art), Prof. Andy Clark (School of Psychology, Philosophy and Language Sciences)